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Captains Consortium

For Mariners By Mariners

The Captains Consortium began in St. Thomas USVI at the request of our local USCG Marine Safety Detachment OIC. The officer was concerned about the lack of compliant drug testing services in the Virgin Islands.  For many years, mariners had very few options and were often forced to deal with companies that did not serve the interest of the mariners but instead offered non compliant collections and no other services, leaving the mariners in a state of non compliance and subject to many liabilities.


Before beginning to offer TPA / Consortium services to mariners, we joined DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association and took a great deal of courses to become knowledgeable and accredited.  Some of these courses included Advanced Drug Testing Management, Certified Collector Trainor, DER Training, and Supervisor Training.  We also hired an industry leading expert  as a consultant to oversee  our operation and advise us on best practices and compliance.  


The Captains Consortium is fully insured and has been audited by the U.S. Coast Guard for regulatory compliance.  


What Services Do We Provide?


  • ​Third Party Administrator / Consortium

  • DOT Urine Collection 5 Pannel Test

  • Medical Review Officer

  • Consulting

  • MIS Reporting

  • Pre Employment Testing

  • Post Accident Testing

  • Random Testing and Management

  • SAP Referals

  • Alcohol Testing

  • Company Policy

  • Complete Company Management Binder

  • DER Training

  • Supervisor Training

  • Employee Training

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