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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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Basic Safety Training   5 Day Course  (USCG Approved for all vessels)

  • What is STCW?

        Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeeping

        An international change in training procedures requiring people with prior experience to demonstrate proficiency in basic safety or obtain                         practical skills through a structured learning program.

  • Who needs STCW training?

        Personnel working on the following vessels if they operate seaward of the boundary line (The boundary line separates inland and near coastal                    waters, for licensing purposes.)

  • All personnel operating on foreign / international voyages, regardless of the size of the vessel

  • Commercial Vessels over 200 gross tons.

  • Passenger vessels subject to 46 CFR sub-chapter H (over 100GT)

  • Uninspected towing vessels that are subject to the Officers Competency Convention.

  • * STCW training is especially important for those vessels crossing into BVI waters.

  • * Approved courses are in accordance with ISM Code, applicable STCW 2010 Regulations and 46 CFR 10.205 requirements.

Five-Day BST (Basic Safety Training) Courses:

Basic Fire Fighting

Course includes lecture and practical training on the fire ground, fighting fires with various extinguishing methods.

Personal Survival

Course includes classroom and in-the-water practice with water survival techniques and lifesaving equipment including life rafts and survival suits.

Elementary First Aid & CPR

Course covers basic first aid techniques for injury assessment, immediate care and CPR.

Personal Safety/Social Responsibility

Course includes basic emergency procedures, alarm signal recognition, lock out/tag out, personal protective gear and social responsibility.

STCW / USCG Approved STCW Course Requirements:

Course Attendance:100% required

All testing is conducted through The Captain School.

You DO NOT test with the Coast Guard.

Certification: Upon successful completion (attendance and passing required exams), you will receive Captain School Certificate of Training.


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