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Commercial Assistance Towing

This 4 Hour class to obtain a Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement on your OUPV or Master's license covers the navigation rules specific to small commercial assistance towing vessels such as Sea Tow or Tow Boats US. Terminology and general concepts of towing and salvage along with towing agreements are all covered.  

Towing class begins the Saturday after the Master Upgrade Course.   Classes are  1230-430 PM . 

Classes are limited to 16 students.

Cost: $250 per student

Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement

The Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement is a four hour USCG Approved course for a mariner holding any license.

This license is strictly for assisting disabled vessels.

There are no additional sea time or service requirements for a commercial assistance towing endorsement.

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