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STCW II/3 Assessments
Master Less Than 500 Near Coastal


STCW II/3 Assessments 5-7 Days
The United States Coastguard published NVIC 13-14 in order to outline and set performance criteria for the purpose of showing proficiency in the skills required to serve in the capacity of master on board vessels less than 500 tons on international near coastal voyages.

These assessments are described in detail in the NVIC and must be completed under the supervision of a person who holds the certification as a Qualified Assessor (QA) or someone who meets the requirements to be a QA (until Dec 31, 2023). 

The assessments include skills in all aspects of seamanship such as COLREGS, Voyage Planning, Weather, SOLAS requirements, MARPOL, Cargo and Stability, Maritime Law, Search & Rescue, and more. 

The IMO and USCG envisioned that the assessments would be carried out on board a vessel with ships officers assessing other officers to show proficiency.  This is done on many large vessels but is difficult to do on small vessels and yachts as they may lack the person capable of conducting the assessments and the equipment to do so.  Additionally, the typical small vessel operator has not had the training in all aspects required to satisfy the requirements.  For these reasons, the Captain School USVI has taken an approach that involves some teaching of topics that may be new to a mariner (such as SAR) and then conducting an assessment on that topic after completion of the lesson. In this way, we are able to conduct all of the required assessments in about 5-7 days.

To get a good idea of what the assessments entail, please refer to USCG NVIC 13-14.



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