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The Captain School has been teaching professional mariners in the US Virgin Islands since 1995. Founded by Captain Patrick Casey a long time charterboat captain who was chosen to represent the Virgin Islands in the 500 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus's discovery of our islands. Casey and fellow Virgin Islanders sailed across the Atlantic and took part in the celebration. Captain Casey remains as an active member of our staff to this day.  Casey can often be found telling jokes to his favorite students in St. Croix.

Captain Jim is a favorite for many students.  His calm and patient demeanor make him a great teacher.  Jim has worked as a charterboat owner / captain since retiring from a career in physics technology.  Jim's teaching experience spans many years and topics.  Jim is a world class skier (instructor) and also an avid diver and instructor.  Jim is also very helpful with keeping our computers and electronic things functioning.

Captain Kathy happens to be a shipmate of Captain Jim.  She is also a terrific teacher.  Kathy brings many years of teaching experience from a career that included college professor as well as PADI dive instructor.  Kathy also helps to keep the office running like a finely tuned circus.

Captain Rob is the director of training.  Rob worked for many years in the marine industry building motor yachts, working on ferries and fishing vessels and sailing on charter boats.  Rob has been in the Virgin Islands since the early 90's. Rob works closely will the entire staff in course development.

Captain Wayne is one of our best instructors.  His range of expertise is broad.  Wayne served in the Air Force and later for a New York police department where he was the chief of police.  Wayne is the former owner of Red Hook Dive Center. Wayne is also a paramedic with a great deal of experience in aquatic related  medical emergencies.


Captain Jack is a retired Command Mater Chief in the US Navy. Most of his career was spent aboard nuclear powered attack submarines.  Jack is one of only 700 people in the 350,000 sailors in the navy to hold this rank.  Jack has tremendous teaching ability in many subjects like Leadership, Navigation, Ship Handling, and more.  We are very fortunate to have him on the team.



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