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This 24 Hour class to obtain a Master's license or upgrade from a OUPV covers the 2 subjects required on the  USCG exam, Deck General and Environmental Pollution and Safety.

Upgrade to Master Class typically begins the 3rd Monday of the month. Classes are held over 5 nights  Classes are Monday thru Friday 6-10PM. 

Classes are limited to 16 students.

Cost: $400 per student

Masters License 25/50/100 Ton

License Description

The Masters license allows the transport of passengers on an inspected passenger vessel. These vessels must have a Certificate Of Inspection (COI) which states the number of passengers allowed and area of operation.

Two types of licenses:

Inland: May take passengers upon inland waters only
Near Coastal: May take passengers up to 200 miles off shore

To operate in international waters, mariners would need to hold a Master's License and may need additional STCW certifications.


USCG Approved Master 25/50/100 Ton Near Coastal Course

All testing is done with The Captain School.

You DO NOT test with the Coast Guard.



Upon successful completion (attendance and passing required exams), you will receive a diploma from The Captain School. This diploma is then sent to the U.S. Coast Guard REC, along with your USCG Application to receive your USCG License. (You have up to 1 year to submit your application to the Coast Guard from the date on your diploma.)


Eligibility Requirements

USCG Application Age: 19 years old / Must be a U.S. citizen

Sea Experience:

Inland Masters 25/50/100 Ton
* 360 day underway on navigable waters
* 90 days of the 360 must be within the last 3 years

Near Coastal Masters 25/50/100 Ton 720 days underway
* At least 360 days must be upon near coastal or ocean waters
* At least 90 days must be within the last 3 years

* A "day" is defined as 4 or more hours away from the dock

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