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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the age requiements for getting a Captain's license?

        You must be 18​ for an OUPV, 19 for a Master

  • How much sea time do I need?

        365 days for an OUPV, 720 Days for a                     Master​

  • Are all of the books and materials included?

        Yes, ev​erything you need for each course is              included, you do not need to purchase                      books, charts, plotting tools or anything                  else.

  • Do I have to take the USCG exam?

        Yes, you will take the USCG exams with us.             The exams are given at our school by the                  instructors who taught the course.  Other                schools that say you do not take the USCG              exams are being misleading.

  • Do you offer online classes?

No, at this time we do not. Internet service in  the Virgin Islands is not very reliable. We  also have found that a great deal of students  have started an online course but they were frustrated and unable to finish or pass the  exam.

  • What if I don't pass the exams?

Most people will pass all 4 exams on the first try.  If you should need to retake any of the exams you can do so at no additional cost.​ The USCG requires you to pass all exams withing a 90 day period.  We are available most days for extra help as needed.  There is no additional charge for one on one tutoring.

  • What do I need to do after completing the course?

  • After taking a class you will submit​ an                 application to the USCG.  All licenses are         issued at the National Maritime Center in       West Virginia.​

  • Do you provide the paperwork and help              submit it to the USCG?

Yes, all forms and applications are given in class and are also available on this website. We go over the paper work in class and can assist you with submitting it electronically for a small fee.

  • Do I need STCW training?

STCW training is not required to hold a domestic license.  If you are planning to work on a boat that travels outside of the U.S.A then you will need to have STCW training.

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