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     Crowd Management

Crowd Management 

  • Crowd Management training is specifically designed for officers and crew responsible for controlling passengers during emergency situations. These include fire, explosion, collision, terrorist, and similar events which call for ship's crew to effectively control large numbers of people, maintaining their safety, facilitating emergency response, while insuring effective evacuation.

  • As part of training, practical PQS exercises allow each student to personally experience the human dynamics of these situations on a first hand basis. This helps them better prepare for the decision making process, and techniques necessary to effectively control these rapidly evolving situations.

  • STCW Crowd Management includes the application of techniques, information, and equipment used to respond to an emergency. This includes familiarization with safety aspects of a vessel, and communicating with passengers to help prepare them for an emergency.

  • This course satisfies the requirements for those personnel designated on muster lists to assist passengers in emergency situations and officers in charge of a navigational watch on passenger vessels for “Precautions for Protection and Safety of Passengers” in accordance with the ISM Code and STCW 95 Regulations A-V/2 and A-V/3, (pa.4,5 &6) and STCW 95 Code Sections A-V/2 and A-V/3 (pa.1,2 & 3)


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