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The Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) are internationally recognized rules that direct the knowledge and skills mariners need to perform their jobs safely. Any mariners working aboard vessels that operate in international waters must hold appropriate STCW endorsements.


Training requirements are mandated in two categories, management level and operational level. Management level training would be for the vessels officers while operation level training would be for all crew members. 


There are two factors that determine which STCW training courses are required. First, requirements will vary depending on the mariner's position on board (Master, Engineer,  Mate, AB, Steward...). The ship's officers will need a lot more training than the AB. The second factor is the vessel. Training requirements may be tailored for certain types of vessels. For example, an oil tanker will require very different crew training than a passenger vessel. 


The STCW Code has 6 chapters. The most relevant for the yachting and small passenger vessel community are Chapter II (2) and Chapter VI (6).  Chapter II covers the requirements for a ships Deck Officers and Chapter VI cover requirements for Emergency, Occupational Safety, Security, Medical Care, and Survival Functions . Below are  tables describing both chapters.



Chapter II
STCW Deck Endorsements:
Regulation II/1 – Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW)
Regulation II/2 – Master, Chief Mate 3000GT or More
Regulation II/2 – Master, Chief Mate Between 500GT and 3,000GT
Regulation II/3 – Master and OICNW < 500GT Near Coastal
Regulation II/4 – Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (RFPNW)
Regulation II/5 – Able Seafarer-Deck 

For most yacht captains and small passenger vessel operators, regulation II/3 will be relevant. Regulation II/3 covers all of the requirements for Masters on vessel less than 500 GT on near coastal voyages. There may also be some additional requirements for those who operate SOLAS vessels.


What Is STCW ?


Chapter VI
STCW Endorsements and Special Training:
Regulation VI/1 – Basic Safety Training and Familiarization
Regulation VI/2 – Proficient in the Use of Survival Craft, Rescue Boats, and Fast Rescue Boats
Regulation VI/3 – Advanced Fire Fighting
Regulation VI/4 – Proficient in Providing Medical First Aid  
Regulation VI/4 – Proficient in Taking Charge of Medical Care  
Regulation VI/5 – Vessel Security Officer

Regulation VI/6 – Vessel Personnel Designated with Security Duties/Security Awareness 

Below is a list of USCG approved STCW Courses offered at the Captain School USVI. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding what STCW courses you require.

STCW Basic Training
STCW Basic Training Re-Validation
STCW Advanced Fire Fighting
STCW Medical Care Provider
STCW Vessel Security Officer
STCW Personel With Designated Security Duties
STCW Security Awareness
STCW Crowd Management
STCW Crisis Management
STCW Bridge Resource Management
STCW Assessments for Master Less Than 500 GT Near Coastal 

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