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                                                                  BVI Requirements

Captains wishing to operate between the USVI and BVI should hold a Master's license and corresponding STCW endorsement as a Master. An OUPV is not recognized outside the USA. For a Master, you would need at a minimum, STCW II/3.

Crew Members operating between the USVI and BVI would need at a minimum, STCW Basic Training.

Additionally, vessels carrying more than 12 passengers on an international voyage will require:

Captain - Masters License, STCW II/3, Vessel Security Officer, Crowd Management & Crisis Management, Valid Medical Certificate

Crew Members - STCW Basic Training, Crowd Management, Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD) or Security Awareness, Valid Medical Certificate

The requirements listed above outline USCG license requirements to operate on international voyages. The British Virgin Islands are not part of the United States but are an independent nation with ties to the United Kingdom. As such, doing business in the BVI requires BVI licenses and permits that must be obtained through BVI Shipping Registry, BVI Customs & Immigration, & BVI Department of Labor. Over the last few years, these regulations have changed significantly and often. We strongly advise mariners wishing to do business in the British Virgin Islands to consult with the above mentioned agencies.

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